When you save water at any facility, you cut operating costs, and nurture a valuable resource for the future.


5 Star Hotel 

eCol drives transformative solutions to create sustainability with zero import of water, only 30% import of energy, zero export of waste water and waste and air quality that meets the best global norms.

Shopping Malls

While we enjoy the comfort of malls you don't realise that keeping you cool costs 100-150 thousand litres per day of water that feeds chiller plants. eCol disrupts technology and cost, while offering staggering savings.


Post-pandemic, technology parks are under pressure to improve bottom lines. eCol solutions can cut your building's running cost, with retrofit investments that fetch over 20-30% IRR.   


Sprawling campuses, intense use of cold/hot water, and food opens opportunity for major savings with minimal investments. It also inspires resident students into being eco-sensitive and adopting such future-proofed directions in their career paths.



Post-Covid disruptions in markets for the small and medium sector, has driven industry to the wall. How can your savings be your earnings across segments and geographies? eCol shows the way with Opex savings that bring payback in quick time. You can also put an ecological face to the company to help brand and market. 


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