Work your Chiller Plants with nearly no water you buy! 

The Problem

A mall of 10 lakh square feet needs 150,000 litres of water every day. Every large city demands daily about 50-80 Crore litres of water for Chiller plants of central ACs.

Solution Arrays

Treat all waste water to Tertiary Grade with STP

Treat STP output water to Health Grade

Dismantle softener plant and re-sell and avoid all maintenance challenges of rock salt, of scaling of pipes and reduced life of pipeline assets of the building



  • 30% + Savings  a year on operations cost of feeding water to the chiller plant (Pay as you go Model available)

  • Save of diesel and transportation cost


  • Drops exploitation of ground water aquifers

  • Cools the micro climate

  • Healthier ground water systems


  • Greater water security and healthy water access