The future is here – NOW!

Grab this opportunity to reinvent running costs and shore up bottom lines as you heed the Covid alarms on Earth.


Sustainability is a business approach to creating long-term value by examining how you operate in the ecological, social and economic environment.


Developing such strategies offers long-term, competitive advantage.


With the need for greater corporate responsibility and transparency, companies now recognize the need to go sustainable and soften ecological footprint.


WHY eCol?

At eCol we believe that we need to find ways to meet our current consumption needs without jeopardizing the future. Business growth, profitability and sustainability cannot exist in isolation. 

We want to help create a profitable green future.

eCol brings innovative Green Financing solutions for building infrastructure. Off-balance sheet mechanisms which own a range of applicable equipment configured in such a way as to reduce the operations cost of buildings.

 eCol brings professional analyses of properties, designs for water and energy efficient solutions, installs infrastructure elements, and maintains systems to ensure energy savings with defined payback period.

eCol Solutions synthesizes low-carbon strategies for buildings and built environments. We provide a wide array of solutions with wholesome approaches to design and implementation. If yours is an old building, all the more reason for you to retrofit solutions. New projects can gain from 'Doing it right the first time'.